4th Fighter Group ''Debden Eagles'' by Chris Bucholtz

By Chris Bucholtz

4th Fighter team "Debden Eagles" КНИГИ ;ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ Издательство: Osprey Publishing LtdСерия: Aviation Elite devices 30Автор(ы): Chris BucholtzЯзык: EnglishГод издания: 2008Количество страниц: 66x2ISBN: 978-1-84603-321-6Формат: pdf OCRРазмер: 45,9 mb RAPIDили IFOLDER sixty eight

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Both the 334 th and 335th F s were led aloft by Col Blakeslee at 1820 hI'S, and a radar station and road conv y were attacked near Rouen. IJG 26, led by Hauptmann Herbert Huppertz, bounced them. Only Hofer escaped with his life. /JG 2. 'Using the evening mist and setting sun for cover, we climbed to 1200 metre to take up a po ition for a cla ic bounce. ' Capt Bernard M rattan, Fit Off Walter Smith and I Lts Harold Ross and Cecil Garbey were all killed in the one-sided action. That same evening, Maj Michael McPhariin (formerly with the 334th, and temporarily on loan to the 4th FG from the 339th FG - he was Rying a P-51 B from thi group) radioed that his left magnetO was out and his engine was running rough as the 334th headed for France.

The 334th FS dropped 500-lb bombs and the 335th and 336th FSs provided tOp cover. Two tru ks were destroyed. As soon as the last planes landed at Debden, the group was grounded. At 1500 hI'S, an order arrived that all aeroplanes would be painted with five alternating white and black bands on the wings and fuselage. Bombs were staged next to the fighters in advance of the next day's operations. At 2000 hI'S, Col Blakeslee returned from a meeting and announced that the invasion would soon be underway.

Greying our for a momenr, I came ro in rime ro pull a 30-degree deRecrion shot. I ob erved srrikes on rhe engine and around rhe cockpit. The aircrafr rhen dropped direcrly nose down srraighr under me and disappeared from my vision below 5000 ft. ' The Fw 190 hir rhe ground and burned. I Lr Alben Schlegel also saw rhe whire-nosed P-51 s rangling wirh rhe Fw 190s. 'I gor a few deRecrion shors on one, rhen he broke for rhe deck', he recalled. 'Before I could close on him, 1Lr Shelron Monroe gor behind him, so I conrinued on down, covering him.

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