707 Scott Street: The Journal of John Wieners (Sun & Moon by John Wieners

By John Wieners

San Francisco 1958-9, prefaces through L Warsh & F Howe

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The animals have eaten all the plants. I found two sunflowers at the edge of an abyss, one ofwhich I propped up with pink scarf and stick. They face southwest, giant servants to the sun. We stay in doors all. day, the mist being a bright gray glare that is like a wall around and below us. It is in good condition except for the roof which has been used over the years for firewood. We live primitive on a stone foor, mattresses over wood 72 slabs which give an excellent July The sea rolls in the at rwilight do I have to write slcy.

We think we learn lessons from her but she deserts us at the moment of action. That is why we remain savages. Underneath. And our civilization remains a jungle. Live it at night and see. was. z5 But traveling on the road to Sausalito, San Francisco then Big Sur, I see how much the earth still surrounds us. Willow Road juts out in my memory. Mission San Rafael Archangel. Redwood Highway. Where man is going now, who knows. The earth no longer need be his home. M"yb. this means the end of the old world.

Sbe shalt crush thy bead and thou shalt lie in raaitfor And if one were to begin writing at the command ofwhat mysterious agent, what concentration could I distill from the crashing moment, the confusion of thots that rush in on me, so that my mind can not practice automatic writing. He, it does not revolve on any one object that long. Lifting Bellyis a fiction. e. without will, on its own. Impelled by whatever order the mind imposes, on us now. Which is a creation of that we were before. Now does that make sense?

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