A6M Zero in action by Shigeru Nohara

By Shigeru Nohara

Завершая выкладывать (имеющееся у меня) публикации о японских ВВС времен Второй мировой войны, предлагаю вниманию заинтересованных читателей англоязычное издание о самолете A6M 0. Выпуск богато иллюстрирован, и даже слабо разбирающиеся в английском языке читатели найдут для себя что-то интересное. Дополнительную пикантность публикации придает то, что автор текста и части иллюстраций - японец.

Ещё о A6M Zero:
Война в воздухе № three: A6M Zero

Ещё о японских ВВС на сайте:
Война в воздухе № four: Японские асы. Армейская авиация.
Война в воздухе № 15: Японские асы. Морская авиация.
Война в воздухе № 23: Ki forty three Hayabusa. Основной истребитель японских ВВС. Часть1
Война в воздухе № 24: Ki forty three Hayabusa. Основной истребитель японских ВВС. Часть2
Война в воздухе № 25: D3A Val, B5N Kate Ударные самолеты японского флота.

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Secondary power supplies were courtesy of 28v DC whilst the few remaining items of equipment that could not be converted from 112v DC received their required power supplies via a bank of TRUs located on the cabin floor. l XA893 had a partial system installed in one wing. No obvious problems were encountered during these trials and the programme was adjudged a complete success. 4 ECU. The other engines retained a pump each to a new and improved design thus a fourth would have been excessive. l contract.

This brought the Steel missile. Not all defensive electotal of offensive avionics systems tronics need to generate a signal to in the rear fuselage up to five. Only be effective. This was the premise the "X" band power unit was locat- behind the ARI 18228 radar warn- - WARBIRDTECH - On the rear bulkhead also are located a pair of operating jacks and a slightly less obtrusive fairing and cutout for the Blue Steel missile. The pipework in the roof provides de-ice and antiice and heating services to the bomb bay and the fin.

The new empennage required that the TBC be placed in a compartment above that of the ECM cans where, AVRO VULCAN 47 The conditioning system encompassed not only services, including pressurisation, to the cockpit, but also acted upon the engines, intakes, wings, bomb bay, and fin providing de-icing and anti-icing as required. ON-OFF VALVE AND DUeTING TO REfRIGERATION UNIT (POST MOD. 748) ENGINE AIR-STARTING CONNECTION GROUND PRESSURE TEST CONNECTION \~-. ~ PRESSURE CONTROLLERS (HSA Bitteswell) .

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