A. I. Maltsevs problem on operations on groups by Ol'shanskii A. Y.

By Ol'shanskii A. Y.

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CATIA V5 - Grundkurs für Maschinenbauer: Bauteil- und Baugruppenkonstruktion, Zeichnungsableitung

Dieses Lehrbuch enthält ein nahezu komplettes Übungsprogramm für eine CAD-Grundausbildung für Maschinenbauer in CATIA V5. Die Modellierung von Bauteilen und komplexen Baugruppen sowie die Zeichnungsableitung und -aufbereitung werden detailliert und einfach nachvollziehbar dargestellt. Auf eine verständliche, methodisch zweckmäßige Vorgehensweise wird besonderer Wert gelegt.

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For example, in Lao PDR to organize a one-day workshop involving government officials took an enormous amount of time, work, letter writing and delivery, phone calls and so on. Then approval would not come perhaps until the day before. At times it was very stressful for everyone involved. Planning workshop openings I have heard it said that the impressions made in the first few minutes of a workshop, conference or interview can set the tone for the whole session. So it is well worth investing time and effort in this session, even if it only lasts a short time.

In many countries if you stand in front of a group it is because you have something to offer: your knowledge, skills and/or experience. A facilitator offers process knowledge and skills, and yet these may not be fully understood. Many managers in the west do not understand fully either. Discussions with power holders On arrival, I usually spend some time discussing the project, what the local people really see as my role, and what I see I can contribute. Local staff may or may not have been directly involved in writing the TOR, so I find it is important to clarify both their and my perceptions.

Can you accept these as times to relax, centre yourself, observe participants and go over the day ahead in your mind?  Are substitute behaviours available and/or preferable? Some behaviour may be ethically difficult, for instance the giving of large presents rather than token gifts. ’ Having fun When I travel overseas I pay to transport my musical instruments. Music is a fantastic door opener. Likewise at home: after my visit to Mongolia, we had 30 Mongolian students come to our home in Perth. We organized the entertainment to go ‘two-way’: the Mongolians performed a song or dance, then the Australians showed them something from their own culture.

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