A Manual of Petrology by Frederic Phillip Mennell

By Frederic Phillip Mennell

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Quartz, is very abundant in rocks of every description, being present in all the more acid igneous and metamorphic types, and in the clastic stratified series, of which it freSilica, free and quently forms nearly the whole bulk. occurs in fibrous or confused aggregates, often spherulitic. I. 53). for quartz, but negative. Chalcedony never occurs as an original constituent of igneous rocks, but is frequently formed in cavities and ; ; ; vesicles. It makes up the mass also present in many Corundum: A1 2 O 3 of cherts and flints and is slates, etc.

From Geol. } Rhodesia. The variety emery forms granular masses in highly metamorphosed and presumably contact altered rocks. Other varieties are found in granulite, gneiss, syenite, and serpentine, as well as in crystalline limestones. Hematite: Fe 2 O 3 Hexagonal; H=6 G=5- Soluble picrite, ; in hydrochloric acid. ; A MANUAL OF PETROLOGY By Opaque and a purplish-black colour or red. reflected light lustre 33 shows a dull metallic earthy varieties are ; dull red. As an original constituent of igneous and metamorphic rocks occurs in rhombohedral or tabular crystals with plane of parting parallel to the rhombohedral faces, also It is frequently in thin scales or irregular granules.

Levy and Lacroix, are : TO OIO. -18 + 4 + 12 + 21 + 32 C over 50 In both cases ambiguity exists between albite and andesine, but this is of little real moment, as they occur in quite different classes of rocks, and there is seldom any chance of confusion. It is entirely removed by observing certain other characteristics. Thus a felspar having a greater specific gravity than quartz must be at least as basic as oligoclase, while those with a higher refractive index must be andesine or an even more basic variety.

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