Advanced computational nanomechanics by Nuno Silvestre

By Nuno Silvestre

Contains the newest study advances in computational nanomechanics in a single finished volume

  • Covers computational instruments used to simulate and examine nanostructures
  • Includes contributions from top researchers
  • Covers of recent methodologies/tools utilized to computational nanomechanics while additionally giving readers the recent findings on carbon-based aggregates (graphene, carbon-nanotubes, nanocomposites)
  • Evaluates the influence of nanoscale phenomena in materials

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The radii of the ellipsoid along X1′ or X3′ axes are a1 and a3 , respectively. The aspect ratio of the ellipsoid filler is given by p = a3 ∕a1 , p > 1 and p < 1 are for a prolate (a1 = a2 < a3 ) and an oblate (a1 = a2 > a3 ) ellipsoidal filler, respectively. A non-dimensional factor ???? is defined to account for the filler size effect. The Kapitza radius ak is defined as ak = Rk km , where Rk is the interfacial thermal resistance between filler and matrix. So far, Nan’s model has the most general formulation for modelling the effective thermal conductivity of composites.

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