Advanced Direct Injection Combustion Engine Technologies and by H. Zhao

By H. Zhao

Direct injection allows certain regulate of the fuel/air blend in order that engines will be tuned for better energy and gasoline economic system. This needs to be balanced opposed to elevated gear charges and emissions, featuring ongoing learn demanding situations in bettering the know-how for advertisement purposes. this significant publication experiences the technological know-how and expertise of other sorts of DI combustion engines and their fuels. 5 major sections offer an outline of the cutting-edge, overlaying fuel DI engines; either light-duty and heavy-duty DI diesel engines; replacement fuels and aftertreatment units; and complicated modeling and experimental recommendations.

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It is also sensitive to sulphur poisoning, hence requiring very low sulphur lubricants and gasoline fuels. Good thermal management of the catalyst temperature, particularly at high load operations, is necessary for its durability and stability. All these requirements mandate the use of additional sensors and OBD diagnostics to ensure its proper operation. Selective catalytic reduction (SCR) by ammonia through liquid urea injection has been developed and used in production diesel commercial vehicles in Europe.

This concept is currently favoured by most developers and manufacturers for purely homogeneous gasoline direct injection and for stratified charging operations with wall-guided mixture preparation. Sharply defined injection jets are a characteristic of the multihole nozzle. , 2003). Stratified-charge combustion in DI gasoline engines 31 of configurations. Enriched mixture zones containing excess fuel are directly adjacent to lean mixture zones containing insufficient fuel. As a consequence, once an injection jet is ignited – the origin of ignition is determined by the position of the spark plug – the flame front in the combustion chamber does not progress uniformly.

The increased stratified charge range means that it is possible to drive economically at speeds above 150 km/h with lean stratified charge operation (see Fig. 9). , 2004). 8 Combustion process: comparison of port fuel injection (PFI) vs. , 2006). 9 Engine operating map, stratified charge ranges with driving resistance curves and fuel reduction. 40% when running at idle as opposed to conventional engines with port fuel injection. A reduction in fuel consumption of roughly 15% was achieved with lean stratified charge operation at part-load operating points.

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