Advanced Dynamics by Stephen Timoshenko, Donovan Harold Young

By Stephen Timoshenko, Donovan Harold Young

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Oaths: BHT, a palmwood. BA't'} BO)K, a servant. FBlAK, F60U), an Ethiopian. FGAyu), Ethiopians. palmwoods. servants. FMKAg, FO), FFy, i a merchant. M, home. lOM, ^/^ lu>T^ ^. father. MFNpiT, asses. merchants. ", HOy, houses. *tfA-. AMAioy, 10^ fathers. beloved. beloved. , , plains. MCDIT, Mircooyi, ways. oypiT, a keeper. a tenth. oypA'i", keepers. pFMHT, CAb, a scribe. COBT, a wall. pHMA'f, tenths. cboyij, scribes. CFBGAloy, watts. CONI, a robber. ClNODOyi, robbers. CON, a CNHOy, CglMl, brother.

With XIN, Coptic, all the par- feminine. Those also feminine, but those are for the most part Of Nouns. Chap. IV. There are some masculine nouns which become 4. feminine by adding them to i muric, and F in the Sahidic a servant, law. ; the Coptic and Bash- in as BCDK, a servant, m. Copt. CON, a brother ; CCDNI, a f. u)OM, a father in 15 in law. O)0)Ml. tt)(|)Hp, a friend, ; sister, BCDKI. Copt. Copt. o)0)MF. Sah. a mother m. O)<|)npl, a friend, L Copt. a friend, m. a friend, f. Sah. 6~AMAyA, (yBFFp, o^BFFpF, a camel, m.

Sahidic Plur. a baker. AMpE, a ttjNEj, net. woyE, and last. short F fMFFy. village. */, which end Plurals w7- plur. sing, into ny pi. FHy. oxen. in EyF, wyE, and their singulars in E, as eAEEyE^ heads. TIE; heaven. last, ^AAE, rmyF, epwyE, and (fAAEEyE, lame, plur. The which end Plurals Sahidic heavens. gpE, food. plur. lame. changed into H when the plurals ends is 19. 'f'MF, XIXF, nets. o)NHy, food, plur. , tf bakers. EgE, an ox. AHE, a head. ATTHyE. , deserts. cyAqEEy, which change the F AMpwy, Sahidic 18.

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