Advances in high-pressure technology for geophysical

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10, 106-113. , 1950. Ultrasonic measurement techniques applicable to small solid specimens. J. Acoust. Soc. Am. 22, 413-418. , 1970. Crystal Acoustics. , San Francisco, CA, p. 288. , 1972. Physical Properties of Crystals. Oxford University Press, Oxford, UK, p. 322. , 2001. Phonon dispersion curves in argon single crystal at high pressure by inelastic X-ray scattering. Phys. Rev. 224306. , 2000. Elasticity measurements of silica glass under gas pressure. Am. Mineral. 85, 288-291. , Masquelier, C , 2003.

1 ^ 3 -^ w ^ ^ BO PH OH O ^, 1 1 li^ CO ON ^ (N ^ •s o C ^H ^^^^ = 7081 ± 19 m/s and yC^iii] ^-7214 ± 24m/s. The S-wave velocity in the [100] direction is ytgio^^ = 3496 ± 22 m/s.

75 Lh l_ 1 1 1 4 6 1 Ll 10 Pressure (GPa) Figure 8. Variation of C44/(c44)p=() in (Mg,Fe)0 as a function of composition and pressure after Jacobsen et al. (2004b). Data from this study are shown by filled circles with solid-line fits. , 2000). Additional data for MgO from ultrasonics is shown by the dashed curve (Jackson and Niesler, 1982) and dotted curve (Yoneda, 1990). , 1990). , 2002). Gigahertz ultrasonic 7,3, 43 interferometry FeO-wustite The iron monoxide FeO is an important member of the highly correlated transition metal oxide group including NiO, CoO, and MnO.

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