Ain't No Makin' It: Aspirations and Attainment in a by Jay MacLeod

By Jay MacLeod

 This vintage textual content addresses the most very important matters in sleek social idea and coverage: how social inequality is reproduced from one iteration to the following. With the unique 1987 book of Ain’t No Makin’ It Jay MacLeod introduced us to the Clarendon Heights housing venture the place we met the “Brothers” and the “Hallway Hangers.” Their tale of poverty, race, and defeatism moved readers and challenged ethnic stereotypes. MacLeod’s go back 8 years later, and the ensuing 1995 revision, published little development within the lives of those males as they struggled within the hard work marketplace and crime-ridden underground economy.


The 3rd variation of this vintage ethnography of social replica brings the tale of inequality and social mobility into today’s discussion. Now totally up to date with 13 new interviews from the unique Hallway Hangers and Brothers, in addition to new theoretical research and comparability to the unique conclusions, Ain’t No Makin’ It is still an trendy and important text.



Part One: The Hallway Hangers and the Brothers as Teenagers
1. Social Immobility within the Land of Opportunity
2. Social copy in Theoretical Perspective
three. little ones in Clarendon Heights: The Hallway Hangers and the Brothers
four. The impression of the Family
five. the realm of labor: Aspirations of the Hangers and Brothers
6. institution: getting ready for the Competition
7. Leveled Aspirations: Social replica Takes Its Toll
eight. copy idea Reconsidered

Part : 8 Years Later: Low source of revenue, Low Outcome
nine. The Hallway Hangers: Dealing in Despair
10. The Brothers: goals Deferred
eleven. end: Outclassed and Outcast(e)

Part 3: Ain’t No Makin’ It?
12. The Hallway Hangers: scuffling with for a Foothold at Forty
thirteen. The Brothers: slightly Making It
14. Making feel of the tales, through Katherine McClelland and David Karen

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19 It is the mediating link between individuals and their social world. 20 Thus, Freddie Piniella announces in the streets of Clarendon Heights, “I ain’t goin’ to college,” while an eleven-year-old counterpart across the city may enter his father’s study to confirm a preference for Harvard over Yale. qxd:Layout 1 16 6/12/08 3:19 PM Page 16 Social Reproduction in Theoretical Perspective Through the concepts of cultural capital and habitus, Bourdieu seeks to explain how social inequality is perpetuated and why this process of social reproduction is so readily accepted by exploiter and exploited alike.

Only Chris admits to having used heroin; Frankie’s experience is more typical of these boys. (in a group interview) frankie: My drug was, my freshman and sophomore year, I was into THC, right? And you get a tolerance and shit, and you start doing three and four hits. slick: Frankie was a junkie. frankie: Well, yeah, I didn’t boot it [shoot it up], but I was addicted to it, definitely. Having moderated what they now see as their youthful enthusiasm for different drugs, the Hallway Hangers generally limit themselves to marijuana and cocaine.

You wanna be like them, y’know? You see they’re rich; you wanna be rich. You can’t be the poor one out of the crowd. You got all the crowd, and places like that—the suburbs—they’re all rich. Y’know, a lot of places, they say quiet places; around here, you’ll just be able to hang together, and nobody has that much money. slick: But I’ll tell you right now, you cannot find better friends because everybody’s in the same boat. You’ll find a few assholes, rats, whatever, but mostly when you have all of us, we all know everybody’s poor.

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