An Evelyn Waugh Chronology by Norman

By Norman

This chronology covers the entire sweep of Evelyn Waugh's diversified and eventful lifestyles and occupation, together with his a number of friendships, his lively social existence and his unique travels. Drawing on Waugh's personal letters and diaries in addition to different resources, it presents exact and specified details in a hugely obtainable shape. Its structure allows it for use for checking particular goods of data, however it may also function an 'alternative' biography.

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Early in the month, after leaving Renishaw Hall, goes to Eire 36 An Evelyn Waugh Chronology with Alastair Graham and stays at Pakenham Hall, Westmeath, where John Betjeman is also a guest, for about ten days. During this time, they visit Lord Dunsany (Frank Pakenham's uncle) at his country house. D. Peters whether he can arrange for a newspaper to appoint him special correspondent. 29 Is received into the Roman Catholic Church by Father Martin D'Arcy; the only witness present is Tom Driberg, who reports the event in his Daily Express gossip column on 1 October.

11 Visits Father D'Arcy for instruction, then lunches at the Ritz with Richard and Elizabeth Plunket Greene. 12 Sees Father D'Arcy again; later dines with Olivia. 14 Goes to a lunch given by Beatrice Guinness; among the other guests are Sophie Tucker, Lord David Cecil, Lady Birkenhead and Frank Pakenham. 15 Attends a luncheon given by Lord Bury; has tea with Victor Cazalet, MP on the terrace of the House of Commons and meets the Prime Minister (Ramsay MacDonald), the novelist John Buchan and others; dines with Harold Acton.

Sees Diana Cooper; lunches with Laura, goes to see her perform at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, and sees her again in the evening. 9 Sees Laura, dines with Hubert Duggan and Lady Mary (Maimie) Lygon, and meets Laura again for supper. 10 Lunches with Hugh and Maimie Lygon and goes to see Laura in a play. 11 Spends the day with Laura, visiting Kew Gardens and going to a cinema. 12 Again spends the day with Laura; they go to Mass together and later go to hear the orators in Hyde Park. 13 Sees Laura again, lunches with Father D'Arcy, sees Christopher Sykes and dines with Patrick Balfour (the Yorkes and Maurice Bowra being among the other guests), calling on Laura again at the end of the evening.

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