Animal-Drawn Wheeled Toolcarriers: Perfected Yet Rejected : by Paul Starkey

By Paul Starkey

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Since 1974 there has been no further interest in wheeledtoolcarriers for The Gambia’. 1 Background Botswana is a sparselypopulated county in southern Africa with a variable semi-aridclimate which makes crop production risky and marginal. The combination of climate and soils results in only a few days each year that are suitable for land preparation so that farmers start cultivation assoon asthe ground hasbeen softenedby the rains. 31 . To achievi the necessarytillage in a short time they use wide mouldboard,plows pulled by teams of (i-8, animals, and sometimesas many as 16 cattle (bulls, oxen and cows) are hitched into a singleteam.

Developrd in Senegal,and the perceivedbenefits of the wheeled toolcarriers were made clear in the name of one model known as “Mat&riel g grand rendement”, or high output machine. As early as 1958 toolcarriers had been commercially manufactured in France by Mouzon-Nolle and were imported into Senegal(Labrousse, 1958). The main importation and promotion was in the years 196l- 1967. 1. As a result of the promotion, numbers of intermediate toolframes and toolcarriers on farms in Senegal increased from 200 in 1958 to 700 in 1960, and to 7800 in 1968 (Havard, 1985a; Havard, 198Sb).

The toolcarrier comprised a tubular drawhsr attached to a cranked axle carried on pneumatic tyres. The prototype survived field trials, although it was noted that Fig. , 1967. (Photo: AFRCEngineering archjyes). Fig. 3-5: NIAE wheeled toolcarrier with SISIS roller seeder being tested in Malawi, 1969. (Photo: AFRCEngineering archives). ,I_;. :-, ‘_‘~V .. 8 metre wheel spacing would be useful. This it was suggestedcould be ‘usedwith teams of four or more animals as found in some parts of the country.

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