Mark Twain and Me: A Little Girl's Friendship With Mark by Dorothy Quick

By Dorothy Quick

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Fog Horn Quartette______Messrs. W. E. & H. W. Truman, C. Weddle & E. F. Trevers 8. Presentation of prizes to the winners of the Sports Contest by Mr. F. S. Goodman 9. America and God Save the King_________by 120 Sea Gulls GOOD NIGHT Page 31 5 Home-Coming Is Not Leave-Taking The first time I ever had my picture taken with Mark Twain was one lovely sunshiny day when we were halfway across the Atlantic Ocean. One of the passengers snapped it while I was sitting on the end of his steamer chair. Such a funny, serious little girl, looking straight ahead at the camera from under heavy eyelashes and brows!

I finally exclaimed. "Many of the things in fairy stories had their foundation in actual facts. " Page 23 "Or the Sleeping Beauty," I added, entranced by the pictures he was evoking. But before I could go on with the subject, he reverted back to the flying fish. " he asked. I shook my head. I could see fast-moving objects of a rather hazy and blurred silver-blue that varied in length from ten to twenty inches. " Now Mark Twain pointed, and I followed the line of his finger and saw the actual movement of the wingsvery hazily.

There was only time Page 16 for a glimpse of the disabled ship before the fog closed in again. The Captain of the S. S. Minnetonka sent down two lifeboats to see if they could pick up anyone or be of any assistance to the boat, but though the lifeboats cruised around for several hours, there was never any sign of the schooner or of its crew. Finally it was decided that it must have slipped back into the fog and that probably it would be able to patch itself up, as the sea was so calm, and get back to the French Coast, or find the fleet of which it was probably a part.

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